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Powerful Battery Storage
Solutions for Homes & Business

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WB 10 kWh Energy Sync

The WB Energy 10 kWh battery storage energy solution is a slimline design suitable for domestic energy management at home.  

Using battery storage at home provides several advantages. It allows you to store excess energy generated by renewable sources, like solar panels, for later use, reducing reliance on the grid and potentially lowering energy bills.


Additionally, it offers backup power during outages, contributing to increased energy independence and resilience.

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WB 100 kWh Energy Sync

The WB Energy 100 kWh battery storage provides a solution for business, Schools, Collages and Universities. 

For businesses, battery storage offers advantages such as peak demand shaving, which helps reduce electricity costs by avoiding high-demand charges. It enhances energy reliability by providing backup power during outages, ensuring continuous operations.


Battery storage also enables businesses to integrate renewable energy sources, contributing to sustainability goals and potentially earning environmental credits.

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WB Energy 2 MWh Sync

Our team of experts at WB Energy provides installation and maintenance services for our battery storage and solar power energy storage solutions. We ensure that your systems are installed correctly and maintained to ensure maximum efficiency and longevity.



WB Energy is a Power Solutions Firm that specializes in providing powerful battery storage solutions for both domestic and commercial use. Our battery storage solutions work independently or in conjunction with solar power energy storage. Our energy storage solutions provide backup power for your homes and business. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing you with the best customer service and renewable energy solutions.



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Home and Business Battery Storage Solutions


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